Russell is Denis Savard Jersey only 21 years old, the former second place show has been the future of the Nets as the foundation stone. Over the past two seasons, Russell has some bright spot in the field, its shooting, field of vision is very good, but the lack of stability, breakthrough and less efficient, defensive end problems are particularly evident as a Dennis Rasmussen Jersey colander. Odyssey, Russell made a "stolen door" event, poor reputation. 40-year-old Vince Carter did not want to be so retired. Last season, the effectiveness of the Grizzlies, Carter has proved that he is still able to contribute in the field, played in 73 regular season games and 6 playoffs, Carter averaged 24.6 minutes, contributed 8 points and 3.1 rebounds and 1.8 assists. Small Jordan and Zhuang God in the technical aspects of a very high similarity to rebound, blocks, air relay known, with the Duncan Keith Jersey same small Jordan, Zhuang God and Chris - Paul partner, and in the basket to create a threat. They are the same technical rough, excellent physical fitness, free throws bad, but small Jordan in the inside defensive ability is better, 14 years and 15 years ED Belfour Jersey  for two consecutive league rebounds in 15 years and 16 years for two consecutive years into the best defensive first Array; 15-16 season also selected the best team first team; 16-17 season selected All-Star West lineup, the best team third team.