As the Patrick Kane Jersey new commercialization of the serious, the media wrapped in the top new hype, behind the broker team and parents are brains, and now popular rookies do not like to participate in the NBA official rookie study (Draft Combine). All of their information in addition to the game video, have become a secret, let you know his height, wingspan, bounce, speed and control the ball ability, responsiveness, injury risk. In order to "kidnap" in front of the front - especially Andrew Desjardins Jersey the champion, second place - the team, they only accept individual teams alone to try to ensure that will not plummet. Fox in the rookie Artem Anisimov Jersey prediction version 1.0 only ranked No. 9, he is the fastest draft of the NBA Rookie, combined with the ball ability, explosive, fearless, is a qualified stadium leader, like the young version of the Wall. Fox is the lack of shooting ability, his three-point shooting only 25%. Burke played 57 games for the Wizards last season, averaging 5 points and 1.8 assists; he played only three games during the playoffs, averaging 4 o'clock in a total of 6.7 minutes of playing time No Bobby Orr Jersey  scoring, only sent 5 assists. For Pelicans, this year's 52nd pick is equal to a symbolic chip, but more importantly, a $ 2.1 million special deal will allow them to operate when renewing Holliday The flexibility.